Level 16
i'm Lexder_of_the_Mob, i am a lover of theater musicals roleplaying and many other things, but more importantly i am a big Urealms live fan. i have a habit of voting for the bad guys, as i believe that villains can be just as good protagonists as heroes can be antagonists. also i think that truly great villains are the ones you love to hate, thats why characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Griffin (Berserker) are some of my favorite characters, so let us all celebrate the crooks and scoundrels like Borracho Luca and Maelstroms of this world, and let us hope that we encounter many more of their kind!

Ps. my favorite character so far
Paul_Arc Crow_Cap Reeb_Reged
Mr_Suchet Nanalin_Daughter_of_Nisovin
Roy_Regal and Argor they are the funniest character i ever played.

i also made my own Azveltarians Swanson