Level 19
hey i'm Lexder_the_Walrus. i am a lover of theater musicals roleplaying and many other things, but more importantly i am a big Urealms live fan. i have a habit of voting for the bad guys, i feel a well made bad guy can make or break a story and they can only do a good job as a antagonist if they are allowed to succeed from time to time. also i think that truly great villains are the ones you love to hate, thats why characters like Joffrey Baratheon and Griffin (Berserker) are some of my favorite characters, so let us all celebrate the crooks and scoundrels like Borracho Bopen and Maelstroms of this world, and let us hope that we encounter many more of their kind!

Lexder_the_Wind_Rebel Lexder_the_Raskum_Porc Lexder_the_Inventor Lexder_the_Master_of_Gems and Lexder_the_Blood_Porc_Cobra my many backup characters. if the Walrus is to much to ask for.

Ps. my Bopen is a Bone puppet/golem theory, let me explain it and the idea behind it. i came up with the idea as a response to the many believer and divine theorist, basically a alternative solution to how Bopen could work without the holes and contradictions that you have to work around with the many believer and divine theory's. the idea is that Bopen is the purple aura or is using it to form and control bones as a puppet. it could be seen as a much more advanced and powerful version of something like soulpuppet or enchantlife+enchantedobject, or that it is something like a remote controlled force that someone is using. the idea is the same, Bopens bone body is just expendable bones and the real Bopen is the aura or controls it in some form of way.

a custom race i made. custom card are plant people grown to look like a normal person. some skilled earth mages knows how to grow Seedlings that looks just like specific people, there can be many different reasons why someone grows such a Seedling, but a common reason why is so the seedling can take that specific persons place in order for the earth mage to gain power or influence. Seedlings don't need to eat but do need to drink a lot of water, the longer Seedlings lives the more plant like they become in appearance, growing leaves changing color to green and stuff like that.