Level 44
hey there, so if you would some how end up here i would just like to say, its nice to met you. now you must be wondering who i am, well i am Lexder a Swedish woodland fairy-creature, a top donator to the Urealm show and former fan of Rob, now why do i call my self a former fan, well in the end i lost interest but also trust in Rob, he speaks of burn outs but in the end that is not a good excuse, you can replan and restructure projects, you can change how you approach a show like urealms to not burn out, but in the end he didn't. he just lost interest and found something easier that made money, and then he shifted his attendance to that instead. if he really want to do urealms he still could but he decided to not to a rework of the shows structure and planing and gave up on it. in the end he chose to give up. now i would normally be fin with that, if someone get tired of doing something like a hobby or pet project its fine to stop, but Rob has made and gotten donations for this show to continue, it is more than just a hobby or small project it is something he asked us to pay for, he has promise and asked for money to make more season for urealms, only to break his promise and give the excuse that he was burned out. if you ask folk to finance and pay for a project you also ask them to trust you to follow through with your project, you broke that trust Rob and i dont plan to let you break my trust any more in the future Rob. in my eyes you own me and others who donated for this show personal apology's and not just a video where you play a character.