Level 33
IC OOC(Order of Chaos):
Lucius_E, full name King Lucius Elipidios.
Appearance: He is a tall kobold with thick, fluffy, white fur which he takes very good care of to ensure it feels smooth and has a shiny polish. He has emerald green eyes and black hair. His haircut is much like that of the male sandbold avatar. He wears expensive, delicate, regal garb made of rich silks, a golden crown with various shiny, colored gems, a golden ring with assorted gems on each finger, and two ruby earrings made from a masterful ruby. The archmage staff he wields is mainly for show, more like a decorative scepter made of solid gold than a real staff. He wears a golden cutlass in a sheath on his belt.

Background: Lucius was a simple bard adventurer for most of his life before he stumbled into becoming a kobold king due to his natural charisma and enjoyment of the gold and valuable treasures. He is quite theatrical and capable of playing the part of king, but he is also very eccentric and loves to charm and entice men of all races.

OOC(Out of character):
The name's Lucius. Avid Kobold dick thread fan, I've put way too many comments on there.

I love seeing custom cards and all the ideas on the forums and I love making my own.
I am sorta new to playing rp games like Urealms and DnD, but I have always been into watching them.

I am obsessed with kobolds and find it very hard not to pick kobold whenever given the option in game. I even non-ashamedly claim myself to be a gaybold, I am all bout those smexy, kobold guys~! ;3

I've been a fan of Rawb's stuff for a while, started with DvZ, I believe, and went back and watched the Unforgotten Realms show long before URealms started.
Discord: @Lucius #8347
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