Level 22
A writer of tales and questionable poetry not to mention an inconsistent ageless talk show host.

Dear Reader,

I love reading other peoples profiles as I am amazed by the effort and creativity that some people have put in not to mention the many different crazy interests of the urealms fan base however I have never had anything written in my own profile as I decided that when I finally got round to putting something in this box I would spend the time to write something witty and creative other wise I would just rabbit on about nothing in particular and end up wasting the time of anyone who had bother to click into my profile and read this far down which in itself already shows and extraordinary amount of commitment on the part of the reader to which I would like to commend them. Had I seen a block of text this large I would have decided that reading the passage was perhaps not worth my time or rather my attention would have wondered for I am not as good a person as you are. So I would like to pause briefly and say "Well done you are a good person" quite possibly a better person than I am. Although as there isn't yet a points system to determine that I'm afraid to say that you being a better person is simply opinion based. Therefore I can say that it is a fact that in my opinion for reading this much pointless drivel just to please me and make my day a little brighter you are categorically in my opinion a better person than I am or you are simply bored and wondering if this has a point and arguably it did when I started writing it however that was two days ago and no I have not written continuously for two days and I have done this and the end result let me tell you is a dissertation desperately in need of some TLC. No in this case my attention wandered I got a cup of tea and then never returned to my computer meaning that as I never noted down what the punch line or point of this ramble was I have done the very thing that I set out to avoid doing I have created a stupidly large section of text which tells you nothing about myself and instead has served only the purpose of testing you the readers sanity which I have been informed by close personal friend is non-existent only an insane person would read this far. I'm going to be honest I didn't even read it I could have said anything.

Kind regards,
Melgarth Ravenwood

If time is truly the most valuable currency in the world thank you for making such a significant investment in me.