Level 21
Nickname: Dayr
Pronunciation: Day-rune-a Co-ley-rah, Dare.
40 Stamina
Dayr, the girl whose birth concurred at the birth of magic, born into one of the extended elven families of the Draughwin, however, when she was 7 (roughly) her mother was assassinated. Her mother left her with 2 trinkets an old Magnopulser and a Frost Bomb with only a note that said "If you are reading this, do not use these items until you are in dire need I will always love you, Goodnight Dayr. Goodnight" she was soon after adopted by a family of tailors since all members of the Draughwin essentially disowned her. When Dayr was finally old enough to venture out for herself her family entrusted her with their strongest Clockodile Hide she went off. Today she stands, teaching those she meets, travelling with her Hellhound Moji she looks to save the world by training all those who need it for the oncoming storm.