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Why do I love Ghostblade so much? It's pretty simple when I think about it. Ghostblade isn't just the best character in the series, he might just be the greatest character of all time. Just imaging him sailing through the waves of the Drink, the wind in his tuft of hair, his mighty swords with him. As he swaggers through Dundinborough, the ladies swoon at his very scent. They know how he smells, the essence of his smell is sold in Abracadab under the the name of "Yes Yes YES." The very nature of Ghostblade is mystery. could he be playing a deeper game than even his creator realizes? The answer is yes, he has transcended such boundaries as the written world, and has free will to do whatever he sees fit. However, Ghostblade is filled with such guile, such arcane craft that he does not even use these powers. Why, you might ask? You will never know, for the mind of the Ghostblade is not one that is easily penetrated. Ghostblade is such a force of nature in his realm that nothing can truly touch him, the only thing keeping him bound to the screen at all is his will to exist within the preordained boundaries of his world. Ghostblade is not only beyond the comprehension of us, he exists within a plane of true focus and beauty. Observe his playful smile, his gorgeous and rippling biceps, his gallant ears, and most importantly, his eyes. His eyes, like pools of bacon, provide the only glimpse into the true machinations of Ghostblade. Do not stare into them. Many good men have gone mad in the attempt. Ghostblade is not just a character, a formless collection of words and images, he is himself is the binding that holds the saga together. Without Ghostblade, the entire series, the entire world of Urealms as we know it crumbles. Deadlantis would flood without Ghostblade, Than'drellfal would become a desolate crater, and the Winterstone would melt without his frosty gaze.
Also bring back bei mei :(
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