Level 27
Hey, I'm Ninjathis. I have been a fan of Rawb's work for...ever. Urealms, DVZ, 2Player, the DvZ Streams, and so on.
I have unfortunately rarely been able to support the team, but I do what I can when my income is almost entirely based on birthday money.

About me? I enjoy video games. Hope to make them myself one day. For now, some of my favorites include Terraria, Overwatch, Stardew Valley, Skyrim, Pokemon, and Legend of Zelda. Big Nintendo fan, and always hyped for the next reveal.

Other than that, not sure what else to say. Uhh... Oh, fun fact! 'Ninjathis' was originally made because I had to have a username on Minecraft, and "NinjaPanda" and "NinjaPenguin" were taken.
(Feel free to message me any time, here or on Steam, same username.)
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