Level 29
Minecraft: Multi_Magi
Discord: Poppycock#6327
Twitch: MadMoldavite (i got the capitals taken care of! character development)
Rokesh is p cool
Sallazhar_Sintour (I rolled a twenty for gilders, so I feel that I'm at liberty to bend CC rules--esp when my hcs come into play) and his legendary! custom card created by MasterDJV (ty!)
Multi_Magi (WIP; I want to make a custom class for 'em someday--Colorist)
Sallazhar_Sintour_Two (Guess who rolled a 1 for gold this time around! I can't believe it, either--a true coin flip!)
and kind of a WIP--Poppyrus_Saceae! (rolled a 10 btw)