Level 27
For Order Of Chaos reasons My Representative is as follows.

A Tall, Gaunt Elf. with Pale skin, sunken eyes that are nearly milky white, the veins in his face visable due to the paleness of his skin and a terrible magic that he has been accursed with, He seems to be far too protective over Ghostblade, Seeming to be intent on guiding him down a new path then that of the assassin.

Should Combat break out, He is a Skilled Ice/Dark Mage Specializing in Hydromancy, using techniques like Black Lotus, Glaciate, and Ice Tomb to deal damage and control the battlefield

(Season 3 basic information)
Race: Elf (2 Ice, Frost Tomb, Ice Blast, 2 Dark Malnourished, Black Lotus)
Class: Hydromancer
Cornerstone: Outlaw
Atribute: Nearsighted