Level 30
Hey Guys, I am Toruk. Just a random guy from LOM whose actual name was beasthunters, who also has sticked around and I got into RP from LOM and eventually Urealms. Toruk was the name of one of my darker non cannon character I made. Anyways, you will mostly find me in the Forum RPs just being a player in one of the many forum Roleplays and am a retired gm. Who may occassionally, if asked, be a Co-Gm, Now I just like throwing cards and lore and people if they want it. And telling stories of the old old of mine if I ever go back to it

Overall favorite character has to probably be Cain or Johnny Feo. But yeah welcome to my profile I guess.... Rokesh is the best Dragon aspect, the darker a back story you have the better, and OP characters ruin stories because they can shut down an ecounter in one, maybe two turns
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