Level 7
I hardly go onto forums and ever since the start of season 3, I haven't been able to donate at all and it is starting to look like I won't be able to since I lost my job recently and haven't been able to get a new one. I've been watching since PokemonRawb and actually didn't know about the cartoon. Back in season 2 I voted for chaos and darkness. Now... Not so much. I decided to try the forums out after the creation of the OGDs.

I mostly stick around on the hell site called Tumblr. Same username. Go there if you enjoy Power Rangers in your mid 20's. I also have a Pokemon blog but it was a lot of original ideas, theories, and reblogging fan art around the release of Sun and Moon so it's kinda dead now.

I used to play a lot of DnD, even wanting to run a few games, but my group completely dissolved and nobody else has been able to meet up or even give me a chance at GMing. I have a completely home brewed DnD game, a Monster of the Week game, and something based off of the years in Power Rangers where they didn't set the series in the actual year or even universe. Like SPD, RPM, and Dino Charge.