Hmm... what should I write here? maybe I will just ramble because no-one actually reads these. But what should I ramble about? I don't know... Wait I think I have an Idea! I will ramble about rambling and eventually I will ramble myself out of room to write! HA! this is a great plan I just need to continue writing until I eventually run out of room which may take awhile as I am already stretching and aren't even half way. Oh am I going to find out it expands when the starting space is filled? I don't think it will but it might and I may be stuck in an infinite loop of typing to fill an infinite box. Actually that may take awhile to do but I think I've already turned off most from reading this wall of text so I won't have to do much more. OK I just checked and yes it is infinite so I'm probably going to stop when the starting space is full which is in about three lines so I just have to keep rambling on something that doesn't matter for awhile but that is easy enough, I just finished one line so only two more to go and I think I've almost. yep I just did it I finished another line! woo I'm on a roll just one more line left to write and I just got to it! if this text gets reformatted when I hit save I am going to be sad so lets see does it?
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