Level 12
Current Main Character: Elseif Yolseif
A Sickness ridden Gobolf with 3 different sets of ears 1 kobold set 1 elf set and 1 goblin set only one set works, the goblin set. He is an assassin for hire, however he will not kill royalty or even try to do anything to royalty indirectly that ends with someone dying. His last mission was to kill a cult leader as a message to some cultists. His employer is unknown.

Elseif was a slave that freed himself along with a few others.
He has a pet Scorpio 5 people he works with, and a dream of starting a mercenary guild that does things for the common person mostly


He has helped a sandbold kingdom fend off some scorpios and that was where he got Morgana his scorpio.

My favorite combo if i was lucky?
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