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Dead Realms - 25.00

The Dead Realms is the fictional universe where all the Characters from URealms Live go when they die that is ruled by a single god known as Dead Realms.
Quintara Lotus - 25.00

Look out it's a Dragon! This shirt features Quintara Lotus, the Dragon Aspect of Arcane. Of all the Dragons, Quintara is the most social in the realm. She is a chaotic god who hurts as much as she helps.
Galen Sunsword PI - 25.00

Crime solver by day, dragon lover by night. This shirt features Galen Sunsword the Private Investigator in the elven city of Than'drellfal!
Maelstrom the Villian - 25.00

"It is my turn to play the part of villain for now... the Old Gods wished it and so here I am." This shirt features Maelstrom the Sandbold, the very first character in URealms to realize he's a charater in Urealms.
Dragon Aspects Poster - 25.00

By popular demand, we have turned our Dragon Aspects shirt into one of the coolest products we have made yet, a poster!
Grand Paladin Order Poster - 25.00

The final battle of the Grand Paladin Order featuring Gwyneth Sunsword, Lance Willakers, and the massive Venomburner!
Sailing to Deadlantis Poster - 25.00

The way to Deadlantis is both pleasant and deadly! This poster features Roamin, Justin, Coe, and DeadBones as they are attacked by the ageless mermaids that swim the seas.
Den of Devils - 25.00

Look out it's a Dragon! This shirt features Vlaurunga, the Dragon Aspect of Fire in one of her Den of Devil lairs deep underground surrounded by fire whelplings.
Dragon Aspects - 25.00

The elements and their divines in the URealms universe. This shirt features all six Dragon Aspects as well as the Dragon Sun and Moon.
Hopen for Bopen - 25.00

Avast ye dwarves, for death comes to thee! I'm both captain and king, of this skeletal army. This Shirt depicts Bopen the Skeleton King, a powerful ageless pirate captain who wields a cutlass made of pure gold!
Ultimate Wizardry - 25.00

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. This shirt features our players (Deadbones, Roamin, Coe and Justin) looking at the mighty arcane tower of Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus!
E.X.P. - 25.00

"Hey man wanna Power Level?" This shirt features the fake recreational drug called E.X.P. that exists in URealms universe.
The Tax - 25.00

As they say in the non-canon town of Felsavist, "It's the Tax that gets ya!". This shirt features Taylor Langstrom, a young drunk gnome who died doing what he loved, getting drunk.