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Season 1 (2015)

The first season of URealms Live aired during the summer of 2015.

Band of Thieves

The Gnomish Wizard Nisovin has hired a Keen thief named Yumi, and her Band of Thieves, to collect a Sun Key in an Elven Town. Little do the thieves know that the key is actually on the neck of Gwyneth Sunsword, an insanely powerful Elven Sun Cleric, and they will have to defeat her and the fellow town guards in order to obtain the key.

Porc Hunters

A group of Porcs residing in a cave have recently been attacking the town of Danevur, a small Elven abode. Because of these attacks, an Elven squad known as the Theta Squad, have been posted in Danevur to protect the town from the Porc threat. When Templeton Barringster VII’s brother, Phineas Barringster, runs away from town, the Theta Squad is forced to search the nearby area to find Phineas and hunt down the Porcs.

The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The Crew of the Bocoe, led by Captain Merci, has been hired by Nisovin to search for the Dingo Isles to see if a valuable Gem is located on the island. To get to the Dingo Isles though, the Crew of the Bocoe will have to sail through the Drink, and all of the strange and mysterious creatures that reside below.

The Many Gobos of Pat

In a strange twist of fate, a group of goblins are adopted by their Elven father, Pattenborrow Threecircle. On the day of their adoption anniversary, trouble arises when the Paladin Order barges into their house, accusing Pat of breaking a peculiar law. It’s up to the goblins to fight for what they believe in, if they have a chance of saving their father.

This campaign is now considered non-canon.

The Sunswords

Gwyneth Sunsword and her team are tasked with escorting prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains, an Elven prison that resides deep inside the mountain. But this is no easy task. She’ll have to face the trouble of the inmates as well as obstacles in her way, as she leads her caravan on this treacherous journey with the aid of her loyal squadron.

The Unseen Rogues

A group of four teenage Dwarves are tasked with breaking into a museum and stealing a priceless vase in the middle of the night. What started out as a one night robbery that was carefully planned out, turns problematic and the group gets into more trouble than they bargained for.

Kobold Headhunters

A local group of Kobolds hunt down a Wolf that has been terrorizing their hometown of Karazzim for months. But the journey is not as easy as it sounds. They’ll have to face creatures and enemies residing in the nearby wilderness, and even have to consult their elders if they want to make it to the end of this adventure.

The Zarlin Catacombs

The Grand Paladin Order lead an expedition to explore the ancient abandoned Beenu great hall below the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry known as the Zarlin Catacombs only to discover that it is a lot less abandoned than they were lead to believe. Who knows what tricks and traps lie below the surface in this ancient ruin.

The New Crew

The mysterious Gnomish Wizard Nisovin, is up to his tricks as usual. This time he has tasked Captain Merci to gather more crew members in order to steal a Sun Key from a nearby Elven island town. It’ll take a great captain, a fine crew, and a whole lot of luck if they want to succeed.

The Silvermine Mountains

Gwyneth Sunsword has just arrived at the Silvermine Mountains with a caravan of prisoners who are promptly placed in jail. It’s going to take the help of Gwyneth’s squad if she is going to keep the Silvermine Mountains under control as the prisoners of the mountains put it all on the line to escape their captivity through any means possible.

Guild of Explorers

A team from the Guild of Explorers sets out to find the lost 'Secret Scrolls of the Sandbold' only to bump into rival team and end up in a brawl. How will the adventurers fare and… how did they lose themselves inside an alternate dimension?

This campaign is a Side Quest which are not recorded Live.

Battle of the Bards

A band known as the "Future Winners" enters the massive Battle of the Bards contest to try their luck and become the next biggest band in the realms. With tough competition ahead of them, the “Future Winners” will have to prove that they have earned their name.

This campaign is a Side Quest which are not recorded Live.

Blood Snake Queen

A group of mercenaries are hired to slay a Blood Snake Queen who has been expanding her brood and harassing a nearby village. On their way to her lair, they will have to face bandits and creatures blocking their path.

This campaign is a Side Quest which are not recorded Live.

The Death of Virgo

Virgo Sunsword leads an investigation into a missing persons case where an entire Sunsword town has gone missing. They will have to deal with native creatures and monsters, only to discover an even more foul plot brewing beneath the surface.

This campaign is a Side Quest which are not recorded Live.

Season 2 (2016)

The second season of URealms Live aired during the summer and fall of 2016.


The small Town of Waldon has been having some troubles with a fungus infection in the forest. The townsfolk are afraid that if the fungi get a hold of the forest, it could put them out of work, or worse, put their town in danger. A band of Lumberjacks known as the Woodcarvers are planning to head deep into the forest to deal with the outbreak before it puts the town at risk.

Okagnoma Guild Hall

The Okagnoma Guild Hall is a Mage College where many Gnomes come to learn the ways of Wizardry and Magic. With some of the most eccentric and powerful Gnome Professors in all of the realms, students who attend this college often leave either as a powerful mage or dead as they are also the college with the highest accidental mortality rates.

Murder Bros

The Murder Bros are some of the most dangerous bandits in thieves in all of the Wild Wild Wastes. They have come to the Silverflats for information about a train headed their way with some very valuable cargo onboard.

The Cobblers

Borris Cobbler is a simple man with a complicated responsibility and even more complicated family. He has come to Chossals, a small Dwarven town that has been having problems with some Goblins over the last few months. The Cobblers are notorious throughout the realms as being the best gobo exterminators, but Borris has really never fit in.

Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, Chapter 1

The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry is a magical spire constructed by some of the most powerful mages in the realm. Home to Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus who lives in it's penthouse, no one is really sure how tall the tower is as it's outward appearance does not reveal it's true scale. A group of four (or maybe five with your help!) elven casters have come together to attempt to scale the tower. Can they even get past even the first few floors?

Unexpected Discovery

The Guild of Explorers has found an ancient dungeon from before the Birth of Magic and is currently working on terms to sell the discovery to the Grand Paladin Order. While these two organizations have worked with each other in the past, their goals are very different from each other. The Guild seeks out to maximum it's profits while the Grand Paladin Order searches for artifacts and ancient texts that are important to their order.


The Law has arrived to the Silverflats after a recent gang known as the Murder Bros recently attacked the town, derailed a train, and killed the local Sheriff. Their investigation will lead them right to the hideout of the these wanted criminals where a showdown is destined to take place.

Fall of Dundinborough

The Kingdom of Dundinborough was 1 of the 12 Dwarven Clans built by the Divine Aspect Thor after the Birth of Magic. Ruled by its King and Queen, it was one of the few strongholds that waited far too long to sign the Dwarven Accords and was ultimately destroyed by Ageless Raiders. This is the story of four guards during the final moments of Dundinborough.

Den of Devils

A Den of Devils is a large cavern deep underground made by Dragon Aspect Vlaurunga that is used as a breeding ground for the creation of whelplings and dragons. There are many dens all over the realm, but they are very scarce and hard to find as rarely do any of the monsters born inside these underground vaults come up to the surface. The powerful wizard Nisovin has hired the Guild of Explorers to venture deep into a recently discovered den to acquire some Dragon Eggs.

The Skeleton King

Bopen the Skeleton King is a childhood story that most believe to still just be merely a story. No one seriously takes the idea of an all powerful Ageless pirate king plundering the high seas as fact, up until the moment they hear his cackle with their own ears. Born from the rubble of Dundinborough, Bopen is shrouded in mystery and in this campaign we will start to unravel the real power of this self proclaimed Skeleton King.

Season 3 (2017)

The third season of URealms Live aired from 2017 to 2018.

The Grand Paladin Order

In the winter tundras of Kaddoral, home of the Grand Paladin Order, a swarm of ageless thralls have begun sieging the city as if being controlled by an outside force. The paladins frankly prepare to defend the home of the light, all the while demoralized from the recent news that the Grand Paladin himself has been killed in battle. While the battle for their order hall is already well underway, the biggest question on everyone's mind in the order is who will lead the dwarven order next?

The Senate of Deadlantis

The underwater city of Deadlantis is home to the largest population of Ageless beings in the entire realm. The different ageless factions and their representatives known as senators, have gathered once again to discuss politics after a rumour started going around that the Grand Paladin has been slain. This campaign takes place both before and after the Birth of Magic and is centered around the father of the Louis Tarcial`Embeart elven family. This is the tragedy of Daedric Louis Tarcial`Embeart.

Azveltara Z

The Azveltara Elven family is ruled by the master assassin known as Lyn Azveltara. She is the warden of the realm, serving first of the Elves, Rohbear Leomaris and the Mana Arc by doing what she believes is necessary for the survival of the Elven families. After losing most of her immediate family during the chaos of the birth of magic, Lyn transformed herself from artist to assassin, training in many forms of combat and even being mentored by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. After a heated discussion with Rohbear, Lyn has decided to go against her king's wishes and send her personal assassins on a dangerous mission to maintain world order.

The Purge

The Grand Paladin Order has declared open season on the hunting of all ageless beings throughout the realm. Many smaller dwarven and elven towns, such as Reldawin, have been discreet homes for families of ageless who wish to live peacefully amongst the living.That is until today. Zealous Paladins have heard the Grand Paladins decree as a call to arms and are now sweeping through villages slaying any being tainted by the ageless curse.

Lyn Azveltara Gaiden

Before Lyn Azveltara would train some of the worlds most deadliest assassins, she had to become a master assassin herself. To do so, Lyn is currently attempting to climb to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry, to be trained by Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus. While we already know the end of this story, in that Lyn will be successful in her quest climbing to the top, there still remains secrets about Lyn and how she went from artist to assassin just by climbing to the top of the Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.

The Sandbolds

The Sandbolds were uplifted beings born before the birth of magic by Sun Dragon God Phanto himself to serve as his eyes. Their innate truesight and connection to the old gods allows them to bend any physical laws of the universe and allowing them to be immune to effects of time magic. They are the watchers of the realm who know when and where time magic will occur. They monitor and record the actions of these events and report them to the Sun Dragon. But with their dragon creator dead in the sky and their purpose now in doubt, one of the Sandbolds has found a new truth to believe in. You, the Old Gods.

Galen Sunsword: Private Investigator

Galen Sunsword has arrived at Than'drellfal, the capital city of elves, to bring the news of his fathers death to the high council of elves known as the Mana Arc. But instead of meeting the entire council, Galen has decided he would rather first spend some time with the councils most powerful member. At the request of Dragon Aspect Quintara Lotus, Galen has been asked to look into the suspicious death of Marrel Limboratti an elven Enchantress who worked for Quintara and who was killed with a most unusual spell.

The Last Beenu

Bei Mei X'shirt and Lyn Azveltara's relationship has soured and their cursed Beenu child Norokoh X'shirt is beginning to reach the age of maturity. Against Lyn's wishes, Bei Mei has begun to train Norokoh into becoming a master assassin just like her mothers. Our campaign starts with Norokoh's first assassination mission. Before leaving for her first mission, Norokoh has adopted the pseudonym Ghostblade. This alias is more than just a nickname to Norokoh though as Ghostblade will become a new identity for her to live her life. An identity we learn about in today's campaign.

A Night To Remember

The war of the ageless is about to devour the much of realm in conflict, but this isn't the first time time that ageless have threaten the living. Hawkthorn Draughwin, Feather of the Realm, is currently meeting with the rest of the mana arc about whether or not they should join forces with the dwarves and go to war with the ageless. Hawkthorn's youngest daughter Perdita however, is much more casual about the idea that her world may be about to fall apart as she is hosting a party for one of her friends.

The Lightbeards

Thor has abandoned the dwarves. The ageless threat grows each day as more dwarves are killed by mindless thralls and demonic spiders. For our final campaign of the season, we now follow the life of Bruce Willakers, the first Grand Paladin and the King of all Dwarves.

Season 4

The Yes King

The war created by the Old Gods is underway, and Bopen is using the chaos from the battles to enrich himself and his crew. Bopen gets ready to sail to the kingdom of the most wealthy dwarven king... King Midas.

Dead Realms

These side campaigns take place in the Dead Realms, a place where dead characters end up and nothing is canon.

Moon Mission

In their never-ending pursuit of knowledge, the Beenu of the Dead Realms set their sights skyward. Having estabished the Beenu Aeronautics & Space Expeditionary Program (or The B.E.A.S.E.P) they set to work on the creation of vessels capable of exploring the cosmos. The first of these ships the S.S. Cirico, crewed by a team of exemplary cosmonauts set forth on their first mission only recently, to investigate and document a subject of many a rumour and the closest celestial body the Moon. Having lost contact with the S.S. Cirico shortly after their landing, the B.E.A.S.E.P have put together a rag-tag group of fresh faced cosmonauts to go to the moon, discover what happened to the previous crew and if possible, bring them home.

Jungle Jam

A small group of mercenaries and explorers have been hired by an eccentric retired gentleman to accompany him deep into the hidden jungles of Mouri. The jungle's wildlife are becoming restless as of late and have begun wandering far from their natural habitats, and so it falls on this merry band to find the source of this unrest and put a stop to it.

Clown Clampdown

The small village of Huubastank and the surrounding has begun to fall prey to a strange new disease. When the B.E.A.S.E.P Moon rescue crew returned some months ago, they brought back with them a terrible alien creature; A Clown. Little did they know that Moon Clowns carried inside them a parasite that would infect not only creatures but the very land itself, a number of villagers have been infected by this parasite and turned into horrific clown-hybrid's. Because of this outbreak the Mortavanian army has gathered a unit of volunteers to eradicate all traces of clown at all costs.

Hooligan Hustle

"That's right dear gentlefolk it's finally arrived, Hooligan Hustle XLVIII. Get your tickets now to the greatest in magical sports entertainment spectacular of all time! Come see our amazing line up of warriors, mages & monsters the crème de la crème of combatants fight for the coveted Hooligan Hustle Championship Belt. With returning favourites such as "The Ham-Hock Hellions", "Pierre du le Pottepuppi", "The Law" and many more up-and coming teams that will amaze and enthral you with their displays of martial and magical prowess! So don't you miss out on what may possibly be THE defining event of the century or you'll regret it! Buy your tickets now and prepare to have your mind melted! Your socks blown off with the power of TWO-HUNDRED THOUSAND fireballs! And your butt clenched tighter than my ex-husband's hold on our bank account and dog! HOOLIGAN HUSTLE XLVIII be there or be a DAMN DIRTY DOG THIEF, DERRICK!" -Ric Ventura

The Cartwright Caper

Aloysius Bernheim Cartwright noted philanthropist, business mogul and collector of fine things. Among the fine things he has collected is the fabled Crystal Eye of Gufien, a virtually priceless heirloom and the prize of Cartwright's collection. For several years Holly Lagoon has been been devising the biggest heist of her life and take the Eye from Cartwright. She knows what it's going to take, a team of the best people in the field. With her crew of specialists gathered, she plans to put her plan into motion during Cartwright's annual summer soiree and pull of the greatest caper in history

The Eighth Element

Hidden deep in the I'duntnu mountains there resides a temple, rumoured to contain unimaginable wealth. Many have sought these riches but few have ever returned from it's depths and those that have are reticent to talk about what they found there. But now a new group have taken it upon themselves to delve into the temple and claim it's treasures for themselves, who knows what wonders they may encounter on their journey deep into The Temple of the Eighth Element!

The Cave of Pellinberries

The party travels to the south edge of the Dead Realms to a dungeon containing great treasures. The Cave of Pellinberries is a preview of the card changes that we will see in URealms Season 4!

The Mountain Kings Hall

While investigating the strange disappearance of townsfolk from the village of Hook Ares, the party stumbled upon Mt. Bluestone and found that the once lush green landscape surrounding the mountain had turned into stone. They set forth to climb the mountain in order to discover the source of this strange phenomenon and possibly find the missing townsfolk.